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Career counselling is the process whereby psychological assessments and interviewing techniques are used to empower and assist clients to make an informed decision about their future or current career prospects. Basically, it is a process that can assist a client design their ideal career or life. 


Making study and/or career choices can be a daunting process for adolescents and young adults.  The career choice assessment provides guided support, empowerment and results in the increased ability for the adolescent or young adult to make use of the wealth of personalised information gathered throughout the assessment process in their career decision-making and life design process.   

The assessment battery is designed to suit the specific needs and life stage of the client.  Usually, a combination of psychometric instruments and qualitative tools are used in the assessment process, in order to provide the client with personalised and relevant information. The psychometric instruments might include the use of a personality preference tool, an interest profile and an academic or cognitive assessment tool. In addition, the use of career genograms, career interest questionnaires or other qualitative tools may be included, depending on the client's personal requirements.  More information regarding these tools can be provided if necessary.  

Career Choice Assessments

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