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Psychometric Assessments & Therapeutic Support


A psycho-educational assessment identifies areas of strength and weakness in a child's learning profile and provides a deeper understanding of their educational abilities and possible support needs. 


School readiness assessments are administered to Grade R pupils who are in need of additional information regarding their readiness for Grade 1. 


Subject Choice Assessments are usually administered to Grade 9 pupils who are required to make subject choice decisions for their Grade 10 year. 


Concession/Accommodation assessments are administered to school children and tertiary students who might require accommodations/concessions (eg extra writing time, a reader, separate venue, etc) for their examinations.


Career Choice Assessments provide older pupils and young adults with detailed information regarding their personal profiles in order to assist them in making appropriate study and career choices for themselves. 


Therapy is aimed at supporting young children and adolescents address the emotional and personal stressors which may be impacting on their wellbeing in some way. 

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