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School Readiness Assessments

School readiness assessments are administered to Grade R pupils where additional information regarding their readiness for Grade 1 is required.  Various areas of development are evaluated including intellectual functioning, receptive and expressive language, attention, memory, information processing, adaptive functioning, socio-emotional functioning, and visual-motor integration.

This assessment provides parents, teachers, and families with critical information about a child's development, academic, emotional, and social profiles, all of which play an important role in ascertaining a child's readiness for formal schooling (Gr 1).

The assessment battery is similar to the one used for psycho-educational assessments, but the tests that are used are standardized for younger children and are aimed at gathering useful information regarding a child's cognitive abilities, speech and language abilities, socio-emotional functioning and emotional readiness for Gr 1. 

Please note that the test battery below is a general guideline only. The actual test battery and areas to be assessed will be finalised according to each client’s specific needs.  As a guideline, the following tests are available and may be used:

  • Cognitive:  WISC-IV, JSAIS

  • Aptitude: ASB

  • Motor Perceptual Skills: Beery-Buktenika Developmental Tests

  • Emotional: Projective Techniques

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