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A psycho-educational assessment aims to generate a holistic picture of a child's learning profile and provides a deeper understanding of their educational abilities and possible support needs.   

When a child experiences difficulty in term of their learning, this assessment allows us to investigate the possible causes of the difficulty, and to address these effectively in order to support the child's academic, emotional, and social growth. Understanding a child's learning profile and support needs means that knowledge about a child's academic strengths and challenges, scholastic skill levels, and emotional profile can be gathered, explored and taken into consideration when identifying potential learning barriers and appropriate interventions to support a child's overall functioning in an academic setting.


This assessment is of benefit to children of all ages. 

Psychometric Assessment Battery:  The assessment tools used include psychometric tools and screeners which are best suited to provide information regarding a child's cognitive abilities, academic abilities, emotional profile, and developmental profile. The battery is determined based on the needs of the particular child, and may be compromised of any combination of the following (or more):

  • Cognitive:  WISC-IV, SSAIS-R, JSAIS

  • Academic: WIAT-II subtests (spelling, maths, reading, comprehension)

  • Visual-Motor: Beery Test of Visual-Motor Integration (VMI)

  • Reading: Edinburgh Reading Comprehension, TOWRE, WordChains, WIAT subtests

  • Writing

  • Language: CTOPP

  • Screeners: ADHD-2, SNAP, Dyslexia Screening, 

  • Emotional Screeners: Beck Youth Inventory, projective techniques

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