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Concession/Accommodation Assessments

Concession/Accommodation assessments are administered to school children and tertiary students who might require accommodations/concessions (eg extra writing time, a reader, separate venue, etc) for their examinations.


Concessions/Accommodations are granted to pupils who experience a specific barrier during the completion of a test or an exam, which prevents them from being able to effectively demonstrate their abilities and knowledge fairly. In order to apply to the relevant body for an accommodation/concession, pupils are required to complete a comprehensive assessment and be willing to provide the assessment report to the relevant body (eg WCED, IEB, etc) for consideration. May include, but are not limited to, the need for extra writing time, a reader (either in person, or electronic), use of a separate venue, a prompter, amanuensis (reader and scribe), only a scribe, use of a computer, or any combination of the above. 


The assessment battery includes psychometric tools and screeners which are best suited to gather relevant information regarding a child's cognitive abilities and academic abilities, including (but not limited to) a child's reading comprehension abilities, word reading and decoding skills, mathematical skills, reading speed, spelling skills, as well as other areas of academic functioning or skill which the relevant body (eg WCED, IEB, etc) deems necessary.   The assessment battery is tailored to the specific needs of the child and his/her school's concession/accommodation application policy. More information regarding these tools can be provided if necessary.  The test battery below gives a general guideline but the actual test battery and areas to be assessed will be finalised according to each client’s specific needs, as determined during the intake session.

  • Cognitive: WISC-IV, SSAIS-R

  • Academic: WIAT-II subtests (spelling, word reading, decoding, numerical operations, mathematical reasoning)

  • Reading: Edinburgh, TOWRE, WordChains, WIAT-II subtests

  • Writing & typing (if necessary)

  • Spelling: WIAT-II subtest

  • Additional screeners are added where necessary. 

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