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The simple balance ball can provide a variety of useful sensory input, can help to improve balance, coordination, and strength, and they are just plain fun!  Sit and bounce for both vestibular and proprioceptive input, roll it gently on top of your child for deep pressure, roll back and forth on top of the ball in a gentle rocking motion, or use it as a chair!


We have chosen professional-grade Anti-Burst balance balls, with a maximum user weight of 150kg. They are made from stronger materials that prevent them from popping or slipping. 


Choose your size based on your height:

  • 45cm : less than 154cm
  • 55cm : 155-169cm 
  • 65cm : 170-185cm

How to inflate an exercise ball:

Blow it up until it's rock hard (preferably with a petrol station air pump), let it stretch (it needs to stretch!) and then blow up again until you get to the recommended size. This may take a few days.


Balance Ball

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